About Us

Help believers to achieve a fulfilled life, here and now

History and evolution

Yalef Cameroon is an ideology that has been shared within a Christian family for several generations. From its etymology "Yi" in the Bassa language, which means "wisdom", and from "Alef" in Greek, which means "God", it was a question of its genesis to participate in Christian work through Bible teachings, Bible study groups, help and gifts to the needy. Over time, this family of theologians and pastors has come closer to Christians who find it difficult to live their faith because of conflicts and wars, especially in the Far North Cameroon regions and since 2017 in the North and South West Cameroon.
For more than 10 years of existence today, the organization continues to support Christian communities that are victims of persecution by providing them with concrete assistance:

  • Reconstruction of places of worship
  • Relocation of pastors and families displaced by conflict
  • Sponsoring the schooling of the children of pastors and the other members of their families
  • Support for income-generating activities
  • Food and clothing donations to members of the various churches under attack

Our missions:

  • Contribute to enlightenment of the human being
  • Help believers to achieve a fulfilled life, here an right now
  • To train Christian leaders

Our challenges are:

  • Supporting more than 200 families who are victims of persecution
  • Sponsor the schooling of more than 600 children of pastors
  • Train pastors and leaders in Trauma Healing to enable them to continue to maintain the faith of their various communities affected by persecution