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I) Academy IHET (Institut de Hautes Etudes de Théologies)

News items in a particular environment or society can be interpreted and appreciated in diversified ways. For some things are not going well, for others it is the opposite, and for others it is not as serious as that. Through its training sessions, IHET would like to express itself on the societal issues by questioning the role of religious institutions, the case of the Church in Cameroon, within our communities.

Since religion is at the heart of human life, we believe that, whatever the opinions on current events, the Church occupies a predominant place in Cameroonian (African) society. A popular statement such as "after God is the State", reveals a postulate that the Church which unfortunately represents God in our communities is involved in all areas of Cameroonians' life. In other words, to understand what is happening in African States today can easily be explained through the life of the Church. Learning how such happens and its impact is what is at the heart of teachings organized by the Institut de Hautes Etudes de Théologies (IHET).

II) 2019 - 2020 meetings programme

Topic Themes Period
Ecclesiastical history
  • The Church's veteran and New Testament origins; from tents to Tabernacle, to Temple, to synagogue, to Church. The history of an institution, cultural tradition, that has become a universal tradition
  • The Church in the first 5 centuries of our era; The councils and the erection of Christian dogmas
  • The Church between the 14th and 17th centuries; the Church and the slave trade
  • 18 to 19 October 2019 - Ecclesiastical History and Biblical Sciences (Part 1)
  • 13 to 14 December 2019 - Ecclesiastical History and Biblical Sciences (Part 2)
Biblical science Introduction to NT and OT: The Bible: its writing and canon. The Bible as "a" word of God.
Religious Science
  • Introduction to Anthropology, mother of sciences, religious anthropology; and religion as an expression of anthropology
  • Revealed religions: an imperialist view of humanity. Despite their pseudo differences, these religions and their impositions
  • Traditional African religions; RTAs as the origins of religions; With Africa as the cradle of humanity
  • 21 - 22 February 2020 Religious sciences and Pastoral care (Part 1)
  • 24 - 25 Avril 2020 Religious sciences and Pastoral care (Part 2)
Pastoral care Integrating Post Traumatic approaches to pastoral care


III) Spiritual Meeting Centre (SMC)

The Spiritual Meeting Centre questions religious traditions and beyond while enabling participants to attain self-discovery. Because faith unites and religion brings divisions, at the spiritual meeting centre of Yalef Cameroon, there is no specific religious faith is required.
SMC Activities :

IV) Diakonia

Sharing with our neighbour what we have. It is all about being a voice for those who are in suffering, by assisting them in context and universal values. Grounded on endogenic approaches, those who are assisted define their needs and the means of addressing them.