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Yalef Cameroon is an ideology that has been shared within a Christian family for several generations. From its etymology "Yi" in the Bassa language, which means "wisdom", and from "Alef" in Greek, which means "God", For more than 10 years of existence today, the organization continues to support Christian communities that are victims of persecution by providing them with concrete assistance:



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Christmas Care

They too, deserve a gift during Christmas days. Each year

Trauma Healing

Since 2017, YALEF-CAMEROON has been committed to supporting internally displaced pastors and evangelists,

Intervention d'urgence

Assistance aux populations de Tourou dans la région du Nord Cameroun 2020

Plus de 1811 sinistrés servis


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Whether you have a heart for volunteering, generously donating resources, or simply spreading awareness about various causes, there are countless opportunities for you to get involved.

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