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Pray with us

Yalef Cameroun is a, not-for-profit organization which addresses various aspects of human well-being. Being sympathetic of Yalef Cameroon is accepting to give so as to live better. You can support victims of persecution, crises and conflicts by committing to organize, contribute or take part in spiritual activities initiated by the organization to support them such as prayers, praise and worship programmes. Choose the one(s) that suit you best and be part of making things happen.

Sponsor a child

Unless we educate each child, girls and boys, there will be no future for our nation. Yalef Cameroun is committed to ensuring that no child is deprived from his of her right to education because of conflicts, crises or persecution or because of their parents religious beliefs. Sponsoring a child is to pay for his or her primary, secondary or university education as well as appropriate teaching materials.

Support a family

Rejuvenating a family is bringing new hopes for a brighter future to a family, it is putting a smile of their face in spite of the traumatic situations they have gone through. It is a way of raising and inspiring the human being to stand up for themselves in the long run and to be assured that they are not alone. It is a way of raising your own spirit to a high sense of utility. Through Yalef Cameroun, supporting a family means providing them with some basic commodities, food donations, and the cost of renting their homes and committing to spiritually support the family members.

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